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Canadian Tire flyer

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Canadian Tire

The first official Canadian Tire store opened in 1922 and since then, over 500 locations have opened across Canada. The first attempts at an online store occurred in November 2000; however, Canadian Tire shut down the online shopping operation in 2009 due to a lack of customer interest. In November 2013, Canadian Tire re-established its online shopping operation,, offering product delivery to physical stores. Canadian Tire is a popular Canadian retail and automotive chain. They sell a variety of products including:

  • Automotive
  • Hardware
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Home
  • Toys
  • Food

In addition to the retail stores, many locations have an attached car repair garage. Some locations also have gas stations.


Customer Loyalty Program

Canadian Tire has a successful loyalty program consisting of Canadian Tire money. The programs issues ‘coupons’ that resemble banknotes and can be used at par with the Canadian dollar toward future purchases at the retail store.

Customers receive 0.4% of the pre-tax total in Canadian Tire money. The retailer now offers a loyalty card program that allows customers to earn rewards at a higher rate than the physical money coupons. However, Canadian Tire money is still given to customers without the loyalty card.

Canadian Tire also has a credit division that issues credit cards. Canadian Tire Bank issues the Triangle Mastercard, sells warranty products and insurance, and offer a roadside assistance service called Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance.


Canadian Tire Catalogues and Weekly Flyers

Canadian Tire not only issues weekly promotional flyers, but also distributes seasonal catalogues and guides. The weekly sale flyer is effective starting Fridays and ending Thursdays.

The seasonal catalogues promote weather- or time-specific items. For instance, the winter issue displays Christmas decorations and gift ideas, etc. while the summer issue shows outdoor accessories like furniture, pool toys, etc. Canadian Tire offers a free mobile app where you can browse all flyers and get notified about sales, collect Canadian Tire money, and shop online.


Canadian Tire Brands

Canadian Tire has a number of private label brands. Canadian Tire brands include:

  • Mastercraft tools
  • SuperCycle bicycles
  • BluePlanet eco-friendly household supplies (i.e. cleaners, light bulbs, etc.)
  • Likewise household items (i.e. lighting products, hardware, etc.)
  • MotoMaster automotive goods


Canadian Tire on provides regularly updated info on flyers, sales and special offers from Canadian Tire stores across the whole Canada.

Canadian Tire flyer

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