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Terms of Service

Limitation of Liability

Kupino is not liable for the content of the published leaflets of the third parties (retailers).

All the information that can be found on the website come from the official websites of the third parties (retailers) and they might change without preceding notice.
Kupino is not the owner of the published content (leaflets, catalogues, brochures etc.), thus it does not guarantee the quality, completeness, accuracy, reliability or propriety of the content information.

All the leaflets, catalogues, brochures etc. and all the rights connected are the property of the third parties (traders).

Kupino is not a vendor of the commodities or services published on the websites.
It is not possible to buy commodities or services via Kupino. Furthermore, it is not possible to engage with the third party (retailer) via Kupino, whose leaflets are published on the website.

Kupino is not sales representative of the third parties (retailers), it is not responsible for the published leaflets, catalogues, brochures, etc.
Kupino refuses the responsibility concerning intellectual property, which might appear on the website.

Please send your questions directly to the retailers.

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